Staying cool has been one of our main concerns during the hottest season of the year. Since Willis Carrier came up with what we know now as the modern AC in 1902, we all have been able to enjoy the sun to the most, even if an occasional air conditioning repair Port Richey FL becomes necessary.

However, there might be some inconveniences you and your family may face during Summer if you’ve neglected your AC maintenance. To avoid not only unnecessary expenses in repairs but also potential health risks, we’ve got the best tips for you to put into practice right now!

Age Matters When It Comes To Quality

AC units are meant to last around 10 years in average. However, if you’re needing to have an air conditioning repair Port Richey FL, more often than usual, it could be a good indicator that your system is on its last leg.

Usually, when they get closer to the mark, problems start to appear regularly and not even the best maintenance will keep them from the inevitable.

Having an old and faulty system running at home increases the chances of respiratory problems. Scarily, it can even become the perfect transportation method for spreading airborne diseases.

Keeping a well-maintained unit, running checks by professionals regularly and detecting potential issues in time can spare you a lot of headaches, and save you a fortune in the long run.

Keep the ducts clean

Keeping an eye on the ducts will avoid dust and debris from building up and eventually flying right into your lungs. If there’s a lot of humidity in your home, a bigger hazard such as mold can also find a new home in your ducts, which is why it’s always important to maintain them at a proper level of cleanliness.

Regular checks and having a team of professionals run maintenance checks once a year, will stop your AC from becoming a health hazard for you and your family. Most importantly, it will also avoid having to get an air conditioning repair Port Richey FL.

Change the filters when necessary

This is your first option to keep your AC working at its best without causing any problems in the household. Old filters downgrade the overall performance and become a safe haven for all sorts of particles that could interfere with your family’s health and comfort.

Get only professional help

We know what we do and we do it right. You don’t have to worry about a single thing in regards to your AC unit at home. Having professional assistance will guarantee a job well done, and spare you the stress and the risk of causing an even bigger problem that will result in higher costs.

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