UV light has been used in the HVAC industry for many years now. Many people are still unaware as to how the inclusion of UV light in their air conditioning system can result in huge benefits. You can read the advantages of UV light straight from the HVAC contractors who do professional air conditioning installation Brooksville FL in this article.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

UV light brings a huge improvement in the quality of indoor air. An AC unit circulates air throughout the rooms. However, in addition to air, the unit also circulates various microbes. Breathing in such air, will inevitably, cause severe damages to a person’s health. In fact, indoor air is often said to be more polluted than outside.

UV light solves this problem by completely exterminating any mold, bacteria and other pathogens that reside in the AC unit such as on the evaporator coil, drain pipes or anywhere else. In an interesting experiment, scientists used UV light in a hospital and found that the bacterial content was drastically reduced by 97%.

Reduce Energy Bills

Adding UV light to your existing HVAC system can reduce energy bills, anywhere from 10% to 35%. Considering that up to half of a building’s energy is consumed by the HVAC infrastructure, UV light inclusions are a no-brainer.

This is especially true if you run a business where energy consumption factors in a huge portion of the overall expense, like in a restaurant.

The UV light does not, by itself, reduce the energy consumption of the AC unit. Instead, it improves the coil’s performance. By doing so, the coil consumes less electricity and begins to operate at optimum levels.

If the potential savings in energy bills interest you to include UV light within your air conditioning system, hire an HVAC contractor who offers air conditioning installation Brooksville FL to install it effectively and affordably.

Better Airflow

The effectiveness of an AC unit is dependent on how smooth the air flows within the system. Through eliminating accumulated organic matter inside the air conditioning system, UV light will significantly improve the airflow in the unit.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) have also validated the above. In a 2011 report, the organization stated that the “use of UV-C can increase airflow and heat transfer coefficient and reduce both fan and refrigeration system energy use”

UV light can easily help you save money on repairs. By ensuring that the airflow within the AC is smooth, repair works will generally be on the lower end.

Add to the fact that components within the air conditioning unit will be functioning at optimum levels, it is not too hard to see how UV light will trim down repair and maintenance bills for homeowners. Plus, fewer damages ensure that the air conditioning unit lasts longer.

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