Just the thought of the word repairs is enough to put fear in anyone.Unfortunately, AC repair Port Richey FL is no different. We all know repairs are usually unplanned for and definitely not budgeted for.

These are costs that you, in essence, have to find money for. It really isn’t an option. The comfort of your family and your lifestyle depends on it. You have made the initial investment and expect the benefits.

Repairs – The Good, The Bad And The Costly

How Do You Know If Repairs Are On The Cards?

When it comes to any kind of AC repair Port Richey FL it always catches you by surprise. This shouldn’t actually be the case. The warning signs and red flags are there you just aren’t in tune with them or perhaps you choose to ignore them.

The AC is still running after all. This kind of action will only cause you more frustration, discomfort, and costs in the future. It is always best to pay a small price at the start and ensure your equipment is fully-functional.

There are so many warning signs, you just need to know what to look for.

Poor Air Flow

Weak airflow from your vents could spell bigger problems. The compressor on your unit may be on the way out and needs to be attended to with urgency. Is your problem is inconsistent air temperature throughout your home?

One area may be receiving the cool air while another is not. Call a contractor in to investigate the problem. It may lie in the ductwork that transports the air into your home.

Air That Isn’t As Cold As It Should Be Or Once Was

There will come a time when your AC is simply not performing like it used to. Whether you turn the dial to full or not, the air is not getting as cold as it should. There could be a variety of reasons for this and it needs the careful hand and eye of a qualified technician. In some instances, a replacement is the only option.

Thermostat Woes

Should you be experiencing inconsistencies in cooling in your home. One room is cold while another remains tepid. The problem may not be with the unit itself. The issue here could be a faulty thermostat. A trained technicians will be able to take care of this for you with ease.

Unwanted Moisture

Any kind of moisture seeping from your unit is not a good sign. Water leaking into your home could be a sign that the drainage pipe is either blocked or broken.

Any kind of water or ice leaking from your unit needs to attended to immediately. This can cause more serious problems and costlier repairs in the long-term. Leaking refrigerant must be dealt with swiftly.

Other Signs That Your AC Needs Some Tender Loving Care

Strange Noises, Bumps, And Groans In The Night

Your AC is meant to provide you with comfort and quiet. A unit that has begun to make strange sounds that are clearly audible as grinding, squeaking or grating is a unit that needs help. The noises indicate that there is something not quite right inside the mechanical unit. Repairs need to be carried out immediately or you risk a complete breakdown.

Unfamiliar Odors

Different smell is an indication of different problems. A strong, pungent smell could indicate burnt out the wiring. This could become a safety hazard to your family and your home. Fire is a very real possibility.

Musty smells indicate mold within the unit or the ducting. Mold is hazardous to your health and can cause illness that is quite serious. Have these issues attended to without delay!

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