We all know how the Summer can become uncomfortable for the kids when the hottest days of the year come knocking on our door. While ideally cooling the house off is the easiest way to ensure everybody feels cool and at ease. There are some tips to keep in mind once you’ve had an air conditioning installation Hudson FL.

Finding The Right Temperature

Sudden temperature changes can have some negative effects on children’s respiratory systems and cause some health problems.Though they would just love to come back to a Glacier after an unbearable morning out in the sun, the smart thing to do is to keep the temperature at home between 77 to 80 degrees.

A mild temperature in the household will grant your kids the perfect transition process between both environments and will also give them a chance to adapt. These changes, ideally, should never be any higher than 7 degrees. Otherwise, issues such as a sore throat and other problems might appear soon.

At night time, our body temperature can drop rapidly and this could also lead to diarrhea or fever when the temperature is not right. To stay on the safe side, never expose your children to drastic changes in the temperature regardless the situation. Even more so, when it’s a transition from a warm to a cool environment.

Use The AC With Moderation

Besides increasing your bills, leaving the AC running for too long will have negative effects on any kid, especially babies. Using it for periods of less than 4 hours, and turning it off around half an hour before taking them outside will help their bodies to adapt to a new environment much easier.

Keep It Clean

Whether you have a ductless unit or a Central AC system, ensuring that they are clean is quite important. Check your units regularly and have professionals run maintenance less than a year after an air conditioning installation Hudson FL to avoid inconveniences in the future.

Transitions In Temperature

After coming back home, or before leaving, you should always allow your kids to adapt to the new temperature of the next environment they’re going into. This can be a bit tricky to get used to right after you’ve had an air conditioning installation Hudson FL, but it is extremely important since, unlike adults, they’re much more vulnerable to respiratory diseases and react stronger to drastic changes in the temperature.

Keep Them Hydrated!

As you probably know, drinking water has endless advantages, and one of them is directly related to AC exposure. It helps to avoid dehydration and could be an alternative for staying cool and fresh instead of being in the room for long with the unit running.

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