An air conditioning damper is a component that regulates airflow inside the system. They control the pressure inside the ductwork and help keep the humidity levels in check. Dampers also help in improving air quality inside the rooms of your home. If your AC unit does not have dampers, you can install them by calling in an experienced HVAC technician offering air conditioning installation Hudson FL.

Types Of Dampers

There are four types of dampers that are popularly used.

Back Draft Dampers:

These give direction to the airflow while preventing the reverse flow. Such dampers are mostly used when polluted air from the unit have to be pushed outside, while at the same time preventing re-entry of such air into the system. They are also useful in blocking unpleasant smells from entering a room.

Various mechanisms are involved in opening and closing the dampers. These include an adjustable counterbalance, motor pack, and a spring-based mechanism.

Pressure Relief Dampers:

Such dampers have an adjustable start-open pressure, and no matter how sporadically the airflow inside changes, it maintains a constant pressure within the AC ductwork.

Pressure builds up inside the air conditioning ductwork due to various reasons, such as extreme heat or moisture. The dampers will automatically open and release the pressure in such situations, avoiding possible damages to the ceiling and walls.

Fire And Smoke Dampers:

As the name suggests, these dampers help in slowing down the spread of fire and smoke in rooms, giving the residents time to escape in dangerous situations.

Blades of the fire damper open and close based on temperature variance. A temperature sensitive material inside the damper melts when heat inside the room increases beyond the usual limits, from the fire. This triggers the fire damper to close.

Zone Dampers:

Such dampers are used to control temperatures inside rooms without affecting other areas. Zone dampers are placed in the ducts and are controlled by the thermostat. When the thermostat gives the signal for more air, the damper opens and lets in the air for that specific area.

Zone dampers help avoid unnecessary cooling since air is only sent to the required rooms. As such, they help you save energy and reduce operational costs of the AC unit.

To find out the type of damper is suitable for your home, you need to consult a reputed HVAC operator who is experienced in air conditioning installation Hudson FL

Installing Dampers

To install a damper, first identify the region in the duct where the damper is to be placed. Then, carefully cut out that section. Next, place the damper between the two separated sections of the duct. You then need to install the junction box.

Connect the wires to an electricity source. For this, you may need to take a look at the damper manufacturer’s instruction manual. Follow as instructed and you should be able to connect the damper to the electric supply. Once that is done, ensure that the damper is tightly secured to the duct.

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